Wommack Ministries Testimonial

We received this letter (in 2015) from the ex-wife of Andrew Wommack’s son, Jonathan Peter Wommack, and we thought it should be shared.

I am Andrew and Jamie Wommack’s ex daughter-in-law, and I can tell you first hand the hypocrisies that man teaches with his wife by his side. They profess to know and teach God’s love, but bear false witness against their neighbor in court.

Their son Jonathan Peter is currently serving time in El paso county jail for beating me. Thru out my marriage into that family, I confessed to not only Andrew but Jamie about the physical abuse, the emotional blackmail, the pain I was to endure at the hands of their son, whom they are well aware of his violence, he actually put a gun to his own mother’s head and burglarized her home, but instead of showing GOD’S unconditional love to me, they blamed me for his actions. Never acknowledging what he was doing, never helping, never offering to take their son aside, knowing that this treatment is not what God would want. Both of their sons have committed acts of domestic violence, and have had to serve time for it. I guess they learned it somewhere, I suppose Andrew taught his sons how to abuse women, and Jamie showed her sons, it was ok to be a battered wife. How very Christ like!!?!?!?!?!

I begged that man and his wife to help me, they instead went against God’s word and although they know their son is not a Christian they lie to their ENTIRE ministry that he is a testament of faith, how God raised him from the dead because of some unknown prophecy Andrew has had about his son.

The very statement of faith for employment with AWMI, they bastardize, giving their son Jonathan Peter Wommack, a 4 time felon a position within their ministry. It clearly states ALL EMPLOYEES must carry themselves in a Christ like manner, I guess beating your wife is what Jesus would do and is Christ like.

Their son beat me for 4 years and they turned their backs, in order to continue sucking money from hapless sheep to fund his legal bills and their 40 acre home in Florescent Colorado, while they left their own daughter in law and sister in Christ beaten and ravaged, bruised and torn, to live homeless.

It was with the TRUE GRACE of GOD and his love that I am gainfully employed, with a now Beautiful Home of my own, that I worked for, I don’t need to beg money all over the world based on lies and hypocrisy. Jamie stated in court that she didn’t agree with what her son had done to me, but she certainly did condone it, by standing up in court and lying, standing in front of myself, God and the law, to act just like Judas, betrayal, hypocrisy and blind foolishness is what Andrew and Jamie Wommack preach to their students, and even though they saw the brute force of his blows, scarring my face to this day, saw my many black eyes, heard my cries for help… I was told to “zip it” Meaning my mouth.

These people are evil and are leading so many down a road for hurt, pain and suffering with their teachings. When it’s time to face God I hope they have a really good excuse. If you need any information to help let the public know of the wrongs these people are spreading, just ask.

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